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Course 5.30 AM to 7 PM on all days ( all seasons except winter).
6.30 AM to 6 PM on all days (Winter - Nov 1st to Feb 28th).
Driving Range 5.30 AM to 11.30 PM & 1 PM to 7.30 PM on all days.
Coaching 5.30 AM to 7. PM – Players to make booking with coaches.
The above timings are subject to change without notice.
Gentlemen Shirts/T-shirts with collars (including Chinese and high ribbed collars) and sleeves, trousers or golf shorts, sport shoes or golf shoes with soft spikes. Caps, if worn, must be with the peak in front.
Ladies Skirts, trousers, golf shorts, golf t-shirts, salvar kameez, sports shoes or golf shoes with soft spikes.
No player shall be permitted to wear round neck, sleeveless shirts/ T-shirts without collars, sweat pants, jeans, cut-offs, athletic shorts, sports shoes, halter tops, tank tops, fishnet tops, low cut T-shirts/blouses and golf shoes with metal spikes.


Walk-in golfers with a valid handicap from any USGA / IGU recognised club shall be entitled to play by paying the requisite green fee. Such players must produce a valid handicap card from their home club. Persons without a valid handicap card will not be allowed to play on the course unless certified by the HGA coach that the member is proficient enough to go on the course.

Decorum, Conduct and Etiquette:

Users shall maintain the decorum, dignity, and standards in keeping with the traditions at all times. They shall conduct themselves in a manner which is considerate and not offensive to fellow users.

They shall not amongst other things:

  • Talk loudly or indulge in a manner deemed to be boisterous.
  • Use foul or unseemly language.
  • Summon bearers or other staff with rude gestures, shout at them.
  • Interfere with the functioning of the staff in any manner.
  • Spit, wash or commit nuisance in inappropriate areas.
  • Place their feet on tables or chairs.
  • Dance or sing at their table or on the dais during club events unless permitted.
  • Golf bags and trolleys are not permitted in any part of the the club house including the upper deck except in the designated areas if any.,
  • Smoke in unspecified areas.
  • Usage of cell phones shall not be permitted in prohibited areas. If any member/associate objects to anyone talking on the phone, such person should switch off the phone or move away to an open area.

It shall be incumbent upon all members, dependants, visitors and guests to follow the codes of etiquette as per the R&A Rules Ltd. In addition, they should replace divots and cover with sand, repair pitch marks on greens, smooth out bunkers and not to cause any inconvenience to other persons using the Course including standing on the Tee when it is not their turn.

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The Course

The Hyderabad Golf Association (HGA), a non-profit society, was formed in 1992...


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